Founded in 2018, DHI Vietnam is a branch of DHI Group.

We are leading manufacturer of wood furniture in Korea for its highest commitment in quality, reasonable cost, and on-time delivery.

DHI to be an image of trust and credibility whenever spoken about amongst the customers and partners. Developing DHI to be a strong and prestigeous brand in Korea and the world.

MR. kevin

❝Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone to move forward. ❞
Surely life doesn’t give you a polished path from the beginning. In my younger days, I spent most of the time either studying or working part time for a living. I though that if I kept moving and working all day and night, somehow or someday I would be able reach my goals. But I realized I was only moving in a circular motion. Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone to move forward.

After getting my masters degree in Columbia, I decided to continue further on with my journey in South America. Eventually I came across a small country in Central America. Who would have thought my story would begin in El Salvador? People still don’t believe me whenever I say that I started from scratch. The first time I had stepped my foot in El Salvador, all I could see was mountains. Soon after getting used to the Salvadorian lands, I found myself running the biggest carton box factory America, CAISA, and followed by the best thread producing company, REAZAL.

Business is not about maintaining, it’s about expanding. My goal was to widen our company’s possibilities. This is how DA HAE INTERNATIONAL was created. “DA-HAE” in Korean means “with all” or “do it all”. Many years of experience in the field of production has brought a strong network of connectivity of items from diverse countries.

DHI is currently operating worldwide including South America, South Asia, El Salvador, Guatemala, China, South Korea, and Vietnam. Our company focuses on health items including garment, cosmetics, and many other items. For more information, you can check our website www.dhivina.com.

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